About Us

Writer Hut is a content writing firm that is dedicated to helping readers and Internet Entrepreneurs find profitable, insightful, human-generated Content. We provide you with great content for reading and for publishing on your website, thus helping you reap fully from your investment. We also give our readers useful Ideas, Inspiration, and a chance to learn from the informative content we post on our website.

Our Team

Peter A. Muthaka – Founder, Senior Editor
  Hi, welcome to Writer Hut. My name is Peter, a talented fulltime writer for the past 7 years and a proficient SEO specialist. I founded Writer Hut to help Online Entrepreneurs find affordable, meaningful and quality content for their online businesses. In my line of duty, I have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe delivering but one …
Moses M. Thirimu – Content Developer
  Hello, I am Moses, a Content developer at Writer Hut. I have been writing online content since 2017, my area of specialty being News writing as well as Research and academic work. At Writer Hut I get to work with other like-minded Freelancers and deliver high-quality work to our esteemed clients. Thank you for trusting us 🙂
Abhishek Asawa – SEO Content Developer
Hi, I am Abhishek from Ajmer, India. I am a full-time content writer and I enjoy playing with words creatively. Feel free to request my services on Writer Hut. I am always ready to serve our clients and do something new. Accuracy and Speed are my strongholds. You can expect an excellent performance without any disappointments from me.
Debbie Wanjiru – SEO writing, eBooks & blogs
  Hello, I am Debbie, a freelance content writer with a rich experience in the industry. Having impeccable journalistic skills and an inborn attitude of curiosity has given me the courage to explore and work on a variety of niches in my writing career. Writer Hut has remained a supportive platform to hone and perfect my skills. Hope to work on …
Joseph K. Maina – Content Developer
  Hi there! This is Joseph Maina an SEO Content Writer from Kenya. I specialize primarily on Content Development and Research work. I am capable of writing content for other types of applications like business cards, company profiles, Brochures, and other branding-related purposes.
Diana Alisa Rusu – Professional Guest Editor
Diana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and has been working as a freelance copy-editor since 2010. She completes various proofreading projects including academic papers, Ph.Ds., blogs, IELTS tests, and non-fiction content such as blogs, articles, company and social media descriptions, and SEO content with clients all over the globe. Diana’s specialty lies in the humanities department; however, her freelancing …

Content Shop

Our Content Shop is tailored to the needs of most Internet-Based businesses, regardless of the size. If you are a Medium-sized blog, a Starter Niche Website or an already established News Publishing blog, you will definitely find a suitable content plan for your website on our Content Shop. If you don’t want to go through the hustle of recruiting Freelancers and managing them, just talk to us and we will advise on the best Plan to go with.

We are dedicated to making content development as straightforward as possible. Instead of managing your own freelancers, who at times may be unpredictable, here at Writer Hut we help you get content exactly when you need it.

Reader’s Section

The reader’s section is meant to keep our readers as informed as possible of all that’s happening around them. We publish tutorials, product reviews, inspiration content, tech, entertainment, and celebrity news which come in handy in shortening your search for good content. Our reader’s section also acts as a living testimony of what we can do in as far as content development is concerned. The content you see on this section is developed in-house by our writers. We can develop similar content for your website upon request.

How it works

After buying a Content Plan, our talented team of content developers will get down to business and deliver the work within the stipulated time frame that we agree on. To maintain credibility our buyers are given an opportunity to rate our service and give a recommendation on it. This goes a long way in helping other clients make good choices on the plans they intend to purchase.

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