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We believe that Patience, persistence, and lots of Content make an unbeatable combination for your brand’s success.

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Who We Are

Writer Hut is a content writing firm that is dedicated to helping readers and Internet Entrepreneurs find profitable, insightful, human-generated Content. We provide you with great content for reading and for publishing on your website, thus helping you reap fully from your investment. We also give our readers useful Ideas, Inspiration, and a chance to learn from the informative content we post on our website.

Why work with us?

Why we are "Different"

Let’s be real. You can’t possibly handle all the aspects of your business on your own. Obviously, you need a helping hand. Here’s why you should work with us. 

Work with real people not programs

At Writer Hut, we believe in the hard, old-fashioned way of developing content. Unlike most content firms, we use real writers to refine your piece to perfection, incorporating creativity at every chance we get.

We are Writers, not Middlemen (Brokers)

Writer Hut prides itself on having a true team of full-time writers as opposed to working with part-time, fly-by-night freelancers. We do not subcontract or outsource projects. Your content is developed in-house within our team.

Highly Experienced Authors

We screen our authors strictly for grammar, creativity, spelling and writing abilities. In addition, our writers are trained almost on a daily basis on good writing habits for optimum SEO and Web search performance.

We are all about healthy relationships

We screen our authors strictly for grammar, creativity, spelling and writing abilities. In addition, our writers are trained almost on a daily basis on good writing habits for optimum SEO and Web search performance.


If you are tired of working with unreliable part-time freelancers then Writer Hut is a good solution for your business. We assure you that we can deliver High Quality, tailor-made content within your stipulated time frame, any day any time.


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Peter A.M
Peter A.M
2780+ Orders
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Top Rated SEO Writer, Web Guru & Founder www.writerhut.com

"I was born to write and build great stuff. Writer Hut is where I stretch my potential to the limit."

Milly W.D.
Milly W.D.
1570+ orders
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Technical Content Writer, SEO expert & Top Rated Transcriptionist

"Serving our clients has always been my pleasure. I am passionate about pets and love music."

Chuy R Cao
Chuy R Cao
440+ orders
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Cloud Expert, Technical Writer, Web Designer & CTO Writer Hut

"The Internet is my bread and butter." I am happy to serve you any time. My specialty is Tech & SEO related content."

Jane Kiyo
Jane Kiyo
350+ orders
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Customer Service Representative at Writer Hut & Creative Writer

"Content is the growth medium for brands on the internet. That is why I love doing a fantastic job for our clients."

The Content Shop

Our Content Shop is tailored to the needs of most Internet-Based businesses, regardless of the size. If you are a Medium-sized blog, a Starter Niche Website or an already established News Publishing blog, you will definitely find a suitable content plan for your website on our Content Shop.

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of recruiting Freelancers and managing them, just talk to us and we will advise on the best Plan to go with.

We are dedicated to making content development as straightforward as possible. Instead of managing your own freelancers, who at times may be unpredictable, here at Writer Hut we help you get content exactly when you need it.

Reader’s Section

The reader’s section is meant to keep our readers as informed as possible of all that’s happening around them. We publish tutorials, product reviews, inspiration content, tech, entertainment, and celebrity news which come in handy in shortening your search for good content.

Our reader’s section also acts as a living testimony of what we can do in as far as content development is concerned. The content you see on this section is developed in-house by our writers. 

We can develop similar content for your website upon request. Simply visit our content shop and make an order specifying the kind of content you would like us to write for you.