Diana Alisa Rusu – Professional Guest Editor

Diana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and has been working as a freelance copy-editor since 2010. She completes various proofreading projects including academic papers, Ph.Ds., blogs, IELTS tests, and non-fiction content such as blogs, articles, company and social media descriptions, and SEO content with clients all over the globe.

Diana’s specialty lies in the humanities department; however, her freelancing career drove her passion and eagle’s eye to other specialties such as medical, psychology, and marketing. She works closely with Writer Hut, suggesting changes to enhance articles’ readability, conciseness and style.

Diana has a knack for spotting grammar issues, inconsistencies, punctuation, spelling, hyphenation, content fluidity, etc. She is also highly familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, AP Style Guide, APA style, and the MLA Style Guide.