Digital Marketing Will Save Startups from getting crushed by the “Kings of Tech”

The business world is a jungle that only the fittest can survive. That explains why big corporations like Google, Uber, Samsung and the rest, continue to thrive in this ruthless wilderness while smaller startups crash and burn even before they are known to the world. Well, for the better 1st decade of the 21st century, it used to be that way. But thanks to a new form of marketing called Digital Marketing, any startup can grow its network within a very short time, yet at a very minimal cost.

Take for example Writer Hut. If it were some few years ago, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article because you wouldn’t (at the very least of reasons) know about us. But through Digital Marketing we have managed to reach more people through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, without injuring our pockets.


Google Rankings versus Digital Marketing

Initially, Google rankings were the only connection between online startups and their online audience. The major problem with this structure was that some company websites had more content than others and were more popular; meaning that before a startup gained enough backlinks and popularity to be ranked, already the bigger competitors (more so the older ones) were already miles ahead in terms of ranking. This model made it impossible for a new online business to overtake an older competitor.

However, with the unveiling of Digital Marketing, tables turned. With the right promotion tools through paid advertisements, social media marketing, and PPC (Pay per Click) platforms, you can get your online business known to the world even without ranking. In Kenya for example, Digital Marketing has enabled numerous types of businesses to gain popularity in almost an instant. Jumia, for example, is one of the very notable successes of Digital marketing in Kenya.

Through ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter Ads, Jumia has been able to reach millions of users that would otherwise have fallen into the hands of older and bigger Online Shopping malls like Amazon and eBay.

Why is Digital Marketing ideal For Kenyan Startups?

  1. Digital Marketing is Accurate and reliable

The good thing with digital marketing is that you have a targeted audience plus the advertiser is not limited in terms of the products he is selling. Unlike in TV where you advertise products even to irrelevant people, Digital marketing is more accurate. For example, the best place to advertise a Movie shop would be on a movie Blog. However, if you advertised the same shop on TV, the information will reach a greater number of uninterested parties, unlike if you advertised it on a movies blog.


  1. You Can save on Cost

Other forms of marketing are unreasonably expensive. Huge Corporations have withdrawn from Television and Radio Ads due to the overly inflated costs associated with them. Startups can’t afford to start marketing campaigns with these other methods, let alone be able to maintain them for the recommended time duration.

With Digital marketing, things are a little bit easier since you can always start a small marketing campaign that is within your budget. Facebook is a good example. Facebook Ad campaigns go for as low as $2 a day, meaning that even a college student can run a Marketing campaign for their startup with their savings.

  1. Building a brand Identity with Digital marketing is generally easy

One thing about Internet-based businesses, you have to brand yourself and let the world associate the business with that unique brand. The consumer market is very particular when it comes to where consumers visit and buy products. The only way to make sure that you grab their attention is to increase your visibility on the internet. If you don’t do so then your brand is going to remain tucked in the dark and nobody will care about it.

  1. Ad Campaigns increase your brand popularity

With an effective online ad Campaign, you can increase your presence on the internet. Companies like Jumia have been able to beat local competitors like Kaymu and Kilimall because they have built a brand identity for themselves with Ad campaigns. More so, TV and Radio Ads would cost you a fortune just to get the same results. This is because apart from paying media houses for the ad airing space, you have to hire some creative comedians to do the adverts; plus this does not guarantee any credible results.

Other reasons why Digital marketing is more effective than other types of marketing include:

  1. Prediction of failure of success is easier with this type of marketing, especially for startups.
  2. There are numerous methods of marketing digitally, including Facebook ads, App ads, Google Ads, Twitter and Blog adverts.
  3. Digital marketing provides a direct access of the consumer to the marketer; meaning you can easily communicate with your potential customers unlike with TV Ads.

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