Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we’re asked here at Writer Hut. You can ask us more via email by sending your query to [email protected] or via live support.

You can make an order on our website by clicking the “Order Now” button above or send us an email for a custom request. We will write the articles/papers for you once we receive your order. 

You have 3 days from the time the article is submitted to you, to review. You can request modifications if the article/paper requires more attention. After 3 days and no response or review is given for the article, we automatically approve the work and release payments to the writer immediately. 

As you fill the order form for your project, there is a field labeled “Instructions”. Enter all your instructions there and the writer will see them before working on your article(s). Alternatively, if you forgot to include something in the instructions, just send us an email notifying us about your order. You can mention your Order ID for easy tracking.

Yes! Totally possible. If you have a favorite writer from our platform, you can request for their Writer ID from us. You can then include their ID (e.g WHut156) in the order form inside the field labeled Writer ID, whenever you make an order.

Having a specific writer work on your project ensures consistency in quality of work and timeliness in terms of delivery.

Yes. Just visit our Portfolio page to view some of our sample articles. 

Our content writing price per word changes depending on the complexity of the work and desired writing quality. On average, our prices range between 0.028 to 0.03$ per word.

Yes! Clients that contract us for more than 6 months are entitled to a reasonable discount in pricing as long as they renew contracts subsequently.