How to Use a Keyboard Efficiently: 3 Tricks That Will Help You Type Faster

Keyboard usage is an area that most people endeavor to learn at all ages. Unfortunately, so many people are so committed to learning how to type fast on a keyboard that they end up missing crucial points on how to use a keyboard efficiently. Eventually, these people remain stuck with their slow typing speed forever. In this article, I will train you on how to use a keyboard efficiently without getting tired. I will also teach you the fastest way to master the keyboard so that you can be able to type fast on a computer keyboard.

How to use a Keyboard efficiently and fast

  1. Understand the Keyboard Structure

One thing about learning how to use a Keyboard is that it’s a process. Mastering Keyboard usage is like mastering how to use a steering wheel. A car’s steering wheel is used to direct the car to the desired direction, just like a computer’s keyboard is used to feed the computer with the desired commands. You can’t, therefore, learn how to use a keyboard efficiently without understanding clearly how it’s arranged, more importantly without understanding what each key does.

Parts of a Keyboard

A keyboard’s keys are divided into several parts which include the Function Keys, Alphanumeric Keys, and Control Keys (Arrow keys, Special keys, and Toggle keys).

  1. a) Function Keys: This is a set of keys that are used as shortcut keys on various programs. They are labeled with a default letter ‘F’ as an indicator that they are function keys. They include F1 to F12. In some computers, activating the function keys involves pressing a Function Key activation button. This button is normally labeled as ‘Fn’. Once you press the FN key, then you can use your desired function keys actively.
  2. b) Alphanumeric Keys: This is the section of the keyboard that contains keys with Alphabetical letters, numbers punctuation keys, and symbols. The type of keyboard that is very popular today is the QWERTY keyboard. So as to master the keyboards arrangement, you have to keep training yourself regularly, so that your brain maps the positions of each key in your subconscious memory.
  3. c) Control keys (Toggle Keys), Arrow Keys and Special Keys: These keys are meant to help the Keyboard user gain effective control of the material that he or she is keying in. The CTRL key, for instance, is used to manipulate cursor locations and also acts as a shortcut key in most computer programs. Arrow keys, on the other hand, are used for moving the cursor over the text or if you are browsing on the internet.

The arrow keys are used for scrolling down a web page. Other special keys include Home, Insert, Pause/Break and Scroll lock. All these toggle keys perform specific functions which depend on the program that is running on the computer.


  1. Know how to Position your Hands on a Keyboard

So as to learn how to type fast on a keyboard without straining yourself, you must know how and where to position your hands when typing on a keyboard. The Alphanumeric keys which are the most used keys when typing are divided into sections. The row of keys labeled ‘ASDFGHJKL’ is known as the home keys. While typing, you have to ensure that both your right and left hands are placed on these keys.

The left hand should be able to hover comfortably over keys ASDF, while the right hand should be over keys JKL. The purpose of partially placing your hands over these keys is to make sure that you can easily reach all other secondary keys on the keyboard. Your hands should be placed in such a way that both thumbs can touch each other and form a triangle. Some types of keyboards come with wrist pads where you can place your hands on and your fingers fall right into place over the Home keys.

  1. Buy yourself a good Keyboard

Getting yourself a good keyboard will help you learn how to type faster with less strain on your hands. These days, you can get lots of personalized/custom keyboards in the market, depending on your preferences and the device you want to attach the keyboard to. A good choice of the keyboard would be the one that is both ergonomic and light. With regard to this factor, you can buy keyboards such as the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard and the iBall Mini Bluekey Bluetooth Keyboard, not to mention that some of these keyboards even support wireless connectivity with the computer.

A wireless keyboard is very convenient since you can type from practically anywhere or in whatever sitting position you like. I, however, would like to recommend the iConnect World Ultrathin Keyboard if you are the kind of person who does lots of bulky typing work on a tablet. This keyboard has a slim design, plus Apple built the gadget with a sturdy structure so that it can last for long even with the frequent punching.

Bottom Line

Mastering Keyboard usage effectively will go a long way into developing your own professionalism. Plus you will be able to save a lot of time in the office if you can type fast enough. Honestly, using the ‘hunt and peck’ method for typing bulk work, isn’t exactly the typing method you want to use forever, Right? It is also important that you keep practicing how to type documents. Practice, practice makes perfect.

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