Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using our services. The following terms and conditions are meant to provide a framework for the relationship between Writer Hut and you as our client or Website user. By using and continuing to use the services provided by us, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions so please take the time to read them carefully.

This site is owned and operated by KWT – Technologies (Kenya) which reserves the right to make revisions, remove information, and add to the following terms at their sole discretion. This may be done without prior notice to the visitors and/or users of the Site collectively. For your satisfaction and safety, we recommend that you visit this page throughout our working relationship to check for any updates or changes.

If you are in disagreement with any of the terms and conditions set forth by Writer Hut, your only option is to stop using our site and services. If you continue to use our site and services after a revision, removal or addition to these terms, an assumption is made as to your acceptance of the change.

Writer Hut is a content writing firm. We provide content in the form of articles, posts, scripts, white pages, web pages and in any other form to our clients. We also offer a guarantee that all the content purchased by our clients is 100% original. Exceptions to this may include certain legal, policy or technical phrasing that requires an exact sequence in order to be accurate. Under these circumstances, Writer Hut will inform the client before the work is submitted for approval.

Your Responsibility as a Registered User of our website

As a registered user, you assume all the risk and responsibility for using our site. Writer Hut will not be held liable for any loss, injury, damage, cost, penalty or claim that results as a use of our site, whether it be direct or indirect. Even if Writer Hut had been advised of or had knowledge of the chance that any loss, injury, damage, cost, penalty or claim could occur from the use of our site, we will not be held liable.

Writer Hut Content Policy

  1. Ordering for Content

Content Orders will be placed by the registered user through their Writer Hut account. The turnaround time begins not upon receipt of the order, but rather on the date and time when Writer Hut is able to confirm that the directions and instructions provided are clear enough to start working on the order. If we find that our writers need a more detailed explanation of your project, we will make every attempt to contact you in order to get the correct instructions in the shortest time possible. We keep all order information for at least a month to allow us to solve any complaint whatsoever, that might arise.

  1. Payment

At no time will an order be started until the correct payment has been received by Writer Hut.

  1. Client Instructions

As a part of placing your order with us, we ask that you complete a comprehensive form detailing the type of content you require. We will strive to meet your instructions to the best of our ability and will attempt to contact you with diligence if there is some question about your order. Check our FAQ’s for more information.

The word count is an estimate only, and will not be delivered upon as an exact amount. The word count is only a guide for our writers who will make every effort to fall within fifty (50) words of your desired word count, either plus or minus. If that obligation cannot be met, we will inform you of the difficulty with an explanation of why we can’t fulfill your desired word count.

  1. Submission of Content

Upon your successful ordering for content, we will write the content within the agreed timeframe and then submit it to you for review by Email. You then have a maximum of 3 days to inform us of any changes or alterations needed. If we do not hear from you within that time frame, Writer Hut will assume that the content was executed to your satisfaction. Only in the event of extreme circumstances outside of your control will we acknowledge your need for changes or revisions once the 3 (three) day review period is over.

  1. Revision of Content

Writer Hut allows for a fixed number of revisions for your content within reason. If we believe that our revision policy is being abused by a user, we will discontinue our business relationship without notice. A revision is defined as correcting grammatical errors, structure issues and minor adjustments to content. This revision policy does not in any way obligate us to rewrite the article from scratch unless a gross error has been made on our part. If we feel that we did not make an error that requires a full rewrite of the content, we will not rewrite the article.

  1. Grammar and regions

Writer Hut has an editorial staff that proofreads any content for accuracy, grammar, and spelling before it is sent to you as the client. As we are working with clients from all over the world, it is your responsibility to inform us of your preferred version of the English language. For instance, if you require American, Australian or United Kingdom spellings you need to notify us on this by way of mail. If you do not inform us of any such special requirement, your content will be submitted in American English by default.

  1. Refunds

Client requests for refunds will be treated as a revision, and our staff will work to revise the content to your satisfaction. Clients agree that it is their responsibility to provide us with the correct information and direction in order to ensure that the content ordered is always received to your satisfaction.

As a general rule, we do not offer refunds except on certain products or if we did not write the article at all. Otherwise, we make every effort in our power to correct a client’s project. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Depending on the client, we can provide credit for our services at our discretion. Each request for a refund will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the final resolution left solely to the discretion of the company

Google DMCA & Late Payment Policy

Writer Hut abides by the rules and regulations set forth by Google in regards to site content and SEO. By accepting our terms and conditions, you are also attesting that you abide by these same rules and regulations.

We require that clients make an upfront payment for any content service we provide them with. Work begins when receipt of payment is confirmed. If at any time, and for any reason, the payment is retracted for work that has been published, Writer Hut reserves a right to file a DMCA. You can read more about Google DCMA to understand how it works.

If by any chance you publish content written by our staff without properly paying for it, then that content does not legally belong to you. Any Google ranking achieved, plus content writing and SEO is also not legally yours. You can find this provision under the Google DMCA Web Search section. We will thus have to claim what belongs to our writers.

We, therefore, reserve a right to file a Google DMCA complaint with Google if a client retracts a payment after work has been completed and sent, or does not make the full agreed upon payment after the work has been sent. We have never had to go to this extreme in the past, thanks to clients.

Our Blog Content

All the information and content published on Writer Hut is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. Some of the topics published on our blog might be similar to what our clients order, but that does not directly mean that we are challenging our client’s websites on search rankings, content quality or web audience.

As a matter of fact, we write the content primarily to showcase our talent and to prove to our clients that we can write the same good content for them at an affordable price. Writer Hut does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website is strictly at your own risk. Writer Hut will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website.